New Zealand may have the clearest waters I’ve ever seen

Part of the Easter break agenda is to find a hidden gem in NZ that’s tucked away in North Island.

Like with all good things in life–you have to work for it. To reach one of NZ’s best kept secrets, it took hours to drive here, an hour and a half to hike, and a lot of courage to dip into its ice-cold waters.

Since I reckon NZ wants to keep this treasure unexploited, I’ll just leave some of the details unsaid. šŸ˜‰ What I can say is thatĀ theĀ water so pure here it supplies about 70% of New Zealandā€™s bottled water.

The stream flows at a rate of 42 cubic metres per minute, which means it could fill a 6 lane pool in 12 minutes.
Start the hike early to avoid the crowd. It’s not that crowded anyway.
You can see through the flora growing in the stream, which would leaveĀ youĀ fascinated.
It’s a 4.7 kilometer track. Some parts are steep, some parts are flat.
Really tempting to dive in but there’s one designated area where you can swim where the current isn’t that fast.
Rock formations in the area–a bonus!
Coral-like plants grow sideways with the current.
A boardwalk is provided for visitors. Not the entire track but it’s alright!
We took the long way instead of the short cut but I’m glad we did so we could just enjoy the scenery.
This is where you take a dip. Clearly the clearest waters I’ve ever seen so far!
The water is FREEZING COLD for real!
I could only stay in the clear springs for a few minutes! It was worth it!



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  1. between the sea and the sky says:

    Beautiful photos!!

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    1. aliaslibby says:

      Aaw thank you! Beautiful scenery! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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