Banishing those winter blues

It’s official. Winter is here. And I got inspired to write this blog post this lonesome Friday night because tonight may be the coldest night in Wellington SO FAR this year. We’re looking at real feel of 3 degrees at 10:04pm NZT, according to Metservice. And winter is just beginning…

Which brings me to rant about this tonight:

Reasons why I hate winter

1. My body is wired for summer. First of all, this is my first ever winter here in NZ and having lived in a tropical country my entire life (where there are just practically two seasons: wet and dry – not summer and winter!), I am certainly not used to this freezing temperatures.

A typical ‘warm’ summer’s day in NZ (20 degrees-ish) is actually a good ‘cool’ day in December in the Philippines.

On the good side, I’m glad that I arrived here in NZ summer which helped me slowwwly acclimatise and ease in to the cooler temperatures as the months pass by.

2. I get the winter blues. I get homesick, I miss my family and friends more back home, I overthink and overanalyse things, I think about life in general, I get emotional easily (wait, maybe I’m just getting my period?).

I looked it up: there’s such a thing called Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s not that I actually have that. Maybe I’m just not culturally primed to deal with winter.

3. It’s sooo hard to get up in the morning. I have to get up when it’s still dark (7am) and have to leave the house (7:45ish) when the sun is just rising.

4. I have to put an extra budget in buying winter clothes. And winter clothes are not that cheap aye! I still couldn’t buy that nice coat I’ve been eyeing. Haaay.

5. I can’t do much outdoor activities like hiking or hanging out in the beach (notice I don’t get to have travel posts lately? :-P). I’m actually getting paranoid that I may be gaining more weight already.

Okay, enough about ranting. There are things that I do to help myself stay buoyant. If you are here down under, hope these tips below help you get through it, too. 🙂

How I fight this I-hate-winter feeling

1. I make use of technology. Thank God for Facetime and my friends and folks who are one video call away. (To my other friends back home, call meee!)

2. I still socialise. During winter, it may be tempting just to stay indoors and binge-watch movies all day. As much as possible, I still make it a point to hang out with my NFFs (new found friends) here in Wellington. Especially recently Wellington has heaps of events (night markets, rugby games, and our lifegroup activities) to keep us busy during weekends. If there’s none, I still manage to keep in touch with them. It does help me fight the winter blues.

3. I have to re-wire my thinking. Can’t complain in the morning “Ugh! It’s still dark!” because I used to get up in Manila at 5:30am when it was still dark to get to work at 8am. I already know this feeling.

4. I borrow some of my sister’s winter clothes. 🙂 (And sometimes she borrows some of my new stuff as well). Thankful for my sister’s Kathmandu raincoat, warm clothes and scarves, plus the merinos and coats from my friend Menen who moved back to Manila.

5. I enrolled in the gym (with my sister). I still need exercise so since I couldn’t go hiking, I normally go to spinning and strength classes (or just pop in the sauna during weekends). I really miss TRX, HIIT, crossfit classes in the PH though!

6. I have personal mini-projects to work on. Like my residency application, my portfolio, learning more eLearning authoring tools, etc. (And perhaps, update this blog more often? :))

7. And lastly… I just have to suck it up. That’s how it really is, winter is a fact of life.

Welcome to Wellington. 🙂




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