Paul and Anne’s Outdoor Wedding

A new page has turned for my friends and churchmates, Paul and Anne. Glad to have been part of this wedding and be one of their back-up photographers. I love the backdrop of the venue surrounded by nature, its modesty, and its sincerity.

They had a simple decorations, few guests (around 50-60?), no big entourage or principal sponsors, no particular theme,  and it was glorious! It felt more like a celebration with close friends and family, than a big scale production. They had a Christian ceremony, which was officiated by our pastor, Ptr. Nick Field of The Street City Church. Anne’s mother and father walked her down the aisle.

Now I’m becoming a big fan of intimate weddings. I’m pretty sure it’s less expensive (and less stressful) but just as meaningful and memorable as lavish weddings. Also, simple weddings don’t take as long to plan. Paul and Anne only planned it for 5 months. They also got their guests involved, pulling off a DIY wedding where mostly everyone had a part to play.

At the reception, we had an open bar, so guests could order whatever drinks they wanted. Everyone ate and drank heartily, and then the family and close friends gave toasts (some of it were planned, the others were spontaneous), with a lot of teasing and cajoling going on. We even played a board game and the bride’s father played the piano.

Here are some of the photos from the wedding:


Paul and Anne’s Wedding
22 December 2016

Preparation / Wedding Venue / Reception:
Silverstream Retreat

Make-up artist:
Anne Velasco-Benting

Wedding singers:
Anne’s siblings

Nino Cinco, Libby Malibiran, Anne’s relative


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