My Previous Blog

3rd grade. I had my first journal in this age. It went on until highschool ’til college and even up to now actually. I guess I really like writing down my thoughts in paper.

Year 2000. This decade came and with it was the boom of social media where everyone could freely broadcast their private thoughts in the internet. Coming from a tech company in mid-2000s, I began to learn having an online presence. Multiply was the one of the easiest ways for me to blog about anything and everything. I was one of the early adopters of Facebook, Twitter, Plurk… (Who still remembers Plurk and Multiply?!).

2009. Then I started a blog called The Traveling Havaianas, first published in Blogspot, then in WordPress focusing mostly on my travels and photography. It went on for several years–you can actually go check it out! It’s still up. 🙂


While I do enjoy blogging, I went through several transitions, personal stuff and career. Blogging, sadly, was one of the things I hadn’t been consistent with and eventually stopped doing.

ENTER 2016. ENTER Libby. Wiser. Braver. Stronger. More lessons learned, more adventures experienced, more discoveries about myself, more revelations from the Word, more things to share.

So this blog is my post-Traveling Havaianas. More than just focusing on my passion for travel and photography, I will also extend myself talking about not just my move to New Zealand, but also career tips, the Word of God, music I have been listening to, and other random rumblings. This blog serves as a creative outlet for me.

I hope enjoy this new blog as much as you did (I hope) with the Traveling Havaianas. 🙂


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